Bahçesehir University - Istanbul

Curator:Ege Kanar

Website:Elsewhere/Baska Yer

It is important to note that, this group show, inspired by recent debate on mobility and fantasy, is not an assembly based on an a priori title which is meant to act as a unification agent aiming towards restricted coherence among individual pieces.

This show shall rather be read as an aggregate of subtle oppositions utilizing strategies of recognition and reformation as opposed to denial and escapism in dealing with implications of the banal.

What renders each work relevant within the context of this presentation, may be coined as a capacity of refracting the actual in order to derive morphed fragments of the granted, employing rational, empirical, and intuitive methods of meaning making.

What is at stake here is not an uttered longing for a “somewhere else”, but a persisting declaration of a possible “elsewhere”.