44A Art Gallery - Istanbul

Similarity In Some Respects is the outcome of a collective endeavour facilitated by eight artists seeking means to actualize visual strategies inspired by a theoretical discussion regarding lens based images.

Inhabiting distinct grounds of freedom, these works are brought together to presumably validate a multilateral plane of communication built on contrasting conceptual and formal decisions.

Drawn by deconstructive tendencies, the framework of this presentation problematizes the transformative potential of mechanical reproduction as well as the vague borders of the purely photographic, that is, an idealized archaic image rethought within the context of new optical technologies.

Welcoming distortions, fabrications, additions and ruptures as legitimate methods of research directed towards meaning making; this selection is meant to speculate on norms, canons and sign systems in order to stimulate a multi dimensional estrangement effect positioned against the illusive transparency of today's image economy.

In this wider context, Similarity In Some Respects, provides a double reference concerning both the status of the photographic image as an uncanny affinity to the real, and also the artistic process itself, the interplay discernable as cross-overs, resemblances and divergences among these constructs.