2010-2014 | 27X20 cm. | Backlit Durable Transparency Print

Borrowing its title from a caption used by Bohdan Holomicek, a Czech Artist known for his autobiographical photographs, this work consists of black and white images made using a cell phone camera, an ever-present instrument associated with current discussion centered around mobility, accessibility and portability.

At a time when my interest in photography almost arrived at a dead-end, I became overwhelmed by the magical quality possessed by the first images spewed forth by the mobile phone camera that I was fiddling with indifferently.

Experiencing the transformative potential of this new aesthetic domain in which people, objects, spaces and the transitory interactions between them were effortlessly reduced into vague abstractions, I grew an increasing motivation towards embracing this skewed relationship that I had re-established with reality through the act of photographing it.

I Know Where I Don't Know When, can be read as an ever changing personal archive,
an autobiographical narrative that acquires new meanings as each singular image is added to or removed from it.